Weight Loss Program

What makes our weight loss program different?

Tighten & Tone Weight Loss and Body Sculpting merges physiology, psychology and technology into weight loss and physique enhancement.  It is designed with YOU as our focus. We tailor each of our patients treatment plans based on their individual needs.

Our weight loss program uses technology in the form of EMSculpt and Vanquish to add muscle and destroy fat. Additionally, we use a state-of-the-art weight loss program. Our nutrition/weight loss program applies 3 principals. We call it the 3P Protocol:

Psychological: Focuses on disrupting the link between emotion and eating.
Physiological: focuses on changing biochemistry, hormonal shifts and acid/alkaline balance.
Physical: focuses on weight, contour and nutrition/nutrition change.

We enable patients to shed and maintain up to 30 pounds in 30 days.  Most importantly, we treat the uniqueness of each patient’s circumstances with customized, sustainable solutions to their body enhancement.

We have a highly trained team, many of whom have gone through, or are going through their own weight loss/body sculpting journey.  Individuals who understand where you’re at and how to meet you there for life-altering results. In our clinic you are not just a number.  We provide you with the tools, research, science and the support to guide you.  If you are able to follow instructions exactly as they’re given by us, you will have the tools for success every step of the way.



Conditions We Can Help Improve

– Type II Diabetes
– Hypertension
– Thyroid conditions
– High Cholesterol
– Hormone imbalances
– Failed Gastric Bypass
– Metabolic Syndrome
– Autoimmune Disorders
– Brain Fog
– Fatigue
– Gastrointestinal disorders


Amazing Patient Results

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.